Raves from corporations:

"Congratulations on being the shining star of our ES300/BM Hitachi 747 launch celebration party on August 22nd...People are still talking about you...It could not have been better...You made each one of them (from production to upper management) feel good and comfortable with your keen and clean wit! It takes a genious these days to create clean but hilarious material."

Karen R. McJunkin
Product Manager
Beohringer Mannheim Diagnostics

"Your show provided a terrific lift from the pressures and burdens of our work environment...Your brand of humor is ideal for a business environment - free of ethnic or racial slurs and free of abusive or offensive language...Comshare employees have constantly bombarded me with praise for the fantastic evening of entertainment they experienced at the Kick-Off."

Don P. Corfman
Director of Human Resources
Comshare, Inc.

"You demonstrate the appeal and drawing power of a comedian who is incredibly funny and whose humor is clean...You confirm the tradition of Red Skelton, Jack Benny, Bob Hope and other great comedians who never needed to shock an audience into laughter through profanity to be successful...You made a true Heywood Banks believer out of one of the national leaders in the government relations and academic branches of the pharmacy profession...It is difficult to predict the reaction of a room full of professional people who have never been gathered as a group before. However, you accomplished no mean feet by reaching everyone in the room."

Kennenth D. Levy
Director of Marketing

"We would like to express our delight with your wonderfully funny and outrageous performance. First and foremost, it was funny, equally as important it was clean and family-oriented, leaving no one embarrassed...Personally, I am most appreciative of the professional manner in which you do business, and the easy nature that accompanies your business dealings."

Ken Double
Director, Marketing/Public Relations
The Battle of Tippecano Outdoor Drama